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Scam Scam Scam

You pay for the app initially then after about a month or two get a notification on phone that your trial is up and must call customer rip off needless to say.....they should refund the money to EVERYONE THEY SCAM

Not worth it.

You can scan GM pickups. They dont have a bar code they only have a QR code

Scam scams dirt

Dont waste your time and money on this its a scam

Rip Off!!! SCAM ..SCAM...

You pay $1.99 for not even a month then you have to pay $100 for this app... bull sh**t ...


So for $1.99 your buying the icon and a "trial" period. Its $50 a month for a subscription to NADA. Wouldve been nice to get a heads up before buying the icon. Ill go back to kbb. Thanks!

Rip off

Only get 10 look up for $1.99 then have to subscribe for $50. Yes probably in the print but seriously how many EULA do you read before buying an app. I want my $1.99 back and I got it to look up bikes not cars.


For two dollars you only get 10 scans. Its also frustrating/annoying that even after you scan the vin you still have to manually select the vehicle trim options. 90% of the vehicles produced dont have the trim options labeled on the vehicle so youre usually just guessing at which is the correct value.

Not good

Total rip off .you get only 10 lookups in $1.99 . No dealer agreed to prices on this app .nit sure how accurate they are .

Rip Off !!!

Ok, This is a come on for you to buy “the real deal” No application for NADA Motorcycles - I called customer support - after 2 people a 3rd said this isn”t linked to motorcycles. Your $2 is better spent by dropping 20 dimes on the ground , then wait to see who will reach to pick these up (IN GROCERY STORE OR PARKING LOT)

Great tool best ive seen yet

This is a nice app. Very simple and strait forward to use. Very fast and still works even when poor or no cellular service. Email feature is nice. Would love to have a lookup history or a run list for use at the auction.

Quit working

Worked great for a few weeks then now it says a need a separate subscription to call a 1-800 number! Sounds like a scam lost my money for my purchase of this app

Only for 93 and later vehicles

I hoped classic cars and motorcycles would be included in this app but theyre not.

Absolutely worthless

I would like a refund. The only thing this app is good at is crashing. Ive tried it multiple times and it hasnt worked yet!

Horrible and pointless!!!

The app is only for cars newer than 1994 and the full site has anything. Why would you spend $2.00 on something that is a lot worse than KBB. Very disappointing!!!


Go ahead and pay for this download... What they fail to mention is that this is a trial for 30 days. After that it is $15 a month for one set of features and $15 for the other.. Its easier/cheaper to use google.

Very useful a tool I need to do my job

As a car dealer I use this app everyday more than ten times on a slow day

Rip Off

Dont buy. Rip off

Rip off

Only gives you 30 day subscription. Then after that you need to purchase additional subscription. NADA has conveniently left this out of the app description and when I called them about it explained that it was in the fine print. You have to read the licensing agreement to find this important detail. Other than that I guess the app worked good for the first 30 days. I just dont like the shady tactics that they use.

Worth every Penney

Best iPhone app for any car dealer, so worth the $50/Monthly subscription. Scan any car vin within seconds

Consumer vs. Business App

Create a Consumer App with advertising that does not require a subscription like your website. What Consumer wants to pay 100 dollars for a subscription?

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